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Holistic Cleanses

7-Day Rainbow Cleanse

Fill your plate with color and revitalize your body, soul, and spirit with the 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse. This holistic cleanse helps women break free from the cycle of weight gain and loss, negative self-image, and overcoming emotional eating.

8-Day Juice Cleanse

An 8-Day Juice Cleanse designed for women to discover the relationship between food, intimacy & Love while unfolding the pages of the most remarkable love story ever told - Song of Solomon!

"Raw Desserts"

Recipe eBook

This isn't just a recipe book; Kelly’s love for teaching and healthy eating, combined with her daughter Johnna’s photography, brings over 90 irresistible, dairy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free raw dessert recipes to life. Inside you will discover...


A Guide That Encourages Healing; Spirit, Soul & Body Through Holistic Cleansing.

Looking to jumpstart your health and well-being journey? Discover the Three Secrets to Holistic Cleansing, a free guide showing you how to transform your body from the inside out. This revolutionary approach to cleansing isn't just about physical changes; it's also about unlocking peace and clarity in your life!


Join other women, and explore fasting and cleansing in unique, fun, & creative ways!