Rainbow Cleanse

A Holistic Cleanse challenging women to take back their health

by nourishing their body, refreshing their soul,

and awakening their spirit!

  • Do you struggle with gaining weight and then losing weight, only to start the process all over again?
  • Are you tired of mentally battling thoughts about how you see yourself?
  • Are you frustrated and caught in an endless vortex of emotional eating?
  • Would you like to know what God thinks about your health; spirit, soul, & body?

What if I told you that focusing on your weight was not the problem?
What if getting healthy from the inside out was your primary focus?

If you are ready to be shown the exact process of a holistic approach to cleansing… I can help!

A Unique Healing; Body, Soul, Spirit

The Rainbow Cleanse is unique & truly incorporates renewal, cleansing, & healing for body, soul, & spirit. The daily scriptures & color associations give revelations throughout the day in different & very personal ways. I truly enjoyed this cleanse, & highly recommend it to see life in renewed, vibrant color!

- Denise

7 Days, 7 Colors, 7 Promises & 21 Low Carb Recipes!

A Holistic Cleansing challenge for women over 40 who take back their health by nourishing their body, refreshing their soul, and awakening their spirit!

what you get:

  • Easy to follow
  • 57-page downloadable E-guide bursting with color supporting you each step of the way.
  • Daily Walk Through
  • Celebrating one color each day; wear it, blend it, smell it, taste it, engaging all of your senses!
  • Customizable Meal Plan
  • Includes 21 delicious, low-carb recipes (& photos), optimizing your nutritional intake. Pantry list included!
  • Learn About Your Body
  • Experience transitioning from burning sugar to burning fat when you learn about your body cycle & intermittent fasting.
  • Daily Promise
  • Savor the moments and anticipate God speaking through His word and His world of color!
  • Journal Your Journey
  • If your cleanse is worth experiencing, it’s worth expressing. I will guide you!

  • 7 Pre-recorded Trainings
  • To help guide you through each day, every step of the way.

  • Community Support
  • You are not alone. Share your experiences, ask questions, be encouraged in our private Facebook group!

Plus 5 Special Bonuses!

I would love to promise you a pot of gold at the end of your 7-Day Rainbow journey. But your life, health, and discoveries are uniquely your own. Your body will heal on a priority basis and at its own pace when you learn to trust and stay in the process each day. This alone is more precious than gold!

But what I can promise you is this…

What It Will Do for You!

  • Get a better understanding
  • of how your body was created to heal holistically and identify what hinders this process.
  • You will experience
  • what it means to cleanse physically as you cooperate with your body cycle; digestion, absorption, & elimination.
  • Discover the miracles
  • that take place each hour inside your body during intermittent fasting.
  • Learn what foods
  • lower your blood sugar level and what foods spike it as you shift from sugar-burning to fat burning.
  • Your whole being
  • will come alive when you begin wearing, blending, smelling and tasting God’s world or color!
  • Losing weight
  • is a bonus as you become more aware of what it means to heal from the inside out; spirit, soul, & body.

But most importantly, you will give yourself the best gift of all - a healthier you, for you; holistically!

Hi, I’m Kelly

I was almost 40 when I began my holistic fasting and cleansing adventures. That was nearly 25 yrs ago, and back then, I didn't even know what holistic fasting and cleansing meant, how to start or what might happen if I did!

All I knew was that I was three dress sizes bigger and getting frustrated with every area of my life. I had tried various diets but always found myself back to square one. I was desperate for lasting change.

Today, in my 60s, my 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse has become a lifestyle for me. My physical health has improved, and I now see that the level of freedom I walk in emotionally, mentally, and spiritually will be the level of freedom I impart to others. It's easy to teach what you know, but imparting who you are from your heart, takes you and others to a level of healing, health, and wholeness we all long for!

Kelly Parr

What Others Have Experienced

  • I love the completeness of this Rainbow Cleanse; spirit, soul, and body!
  • Even if I don’t lose weight, I have had an enormous weight taken off my heart!
  • This 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse has been so different from what I expected. I am enjoying it and I feel like I can do it each day!
  • I really enjoyed this cleanse, and it has been an eye opener for me to actually consume foods of different colors. Kelly's recipes are simple and easy!
  • I’m super excited to continue with intermittent fasting and working with my body cycle. I’ve enjoyed adding color to my diet and trying new recipes too!
  • During this Rainbow Cleanse, I’m learning I am worth the work and loved by God.
  • Thank you Kelly for pouring into all of us. You have done an amazing job leading us. His presence pours out of you, even through video. Thank you for loving us well!

You Can Experience Too!

My easy-to-follow 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse e-Guide is 57 pages bursting with color! Join me for the most transformational experience imaginable and celebrate seven rainbow colors, seven scripture promises, and a daily meal plan with an optional shopping list of 21 low-carb detox recipes (with photos!). Plus, immediate access to 7 pre-recorded training sessions each day on how, why, and what to do during your cleanse.

This Rainbow Cleanse is everything you need to boost your overall health to the next level.

I will show you a simple, step-by-step approach to making the most of your healing experience from the inside out. You will encounter a total reset that will nourish your body, refresh your soul, and awaken your spirit simultaneously!

I Can Do This!

This cleanse was not just a cleanse... it was friendship, encouragement, a daily walk with God, and a reminder that I can do this. Kelly was amazing as she put her whole self into this. She does all the research and work; you just have to show up and put the time in, and you will be rewarded with the outcome.

- Sherri

How to Get Started!

You will have instant access to your 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse as soon as you register. You can begin planning and preparing for your cleanse immediately, but I encourage you not to jump ahead in your e-guide and do each day one at a time.

My 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse is designed to work with your body cycle, introduce you to intermittent fasting, and help you transition from burning sugar to burning fat. You will quickly discover this cleanse flows simultaneously; spirit, soul, & body.

It's a miracle how God created our bodies to heal!

This cleanse is not only fun, easy, and natural, but it is incredibly freeing and will affect every area of your life.

Plus, interact daily with Kelly in our private Facebook Community for accountability, ask questions, and receive support from other women worldwide!

Easy to Customize

I loved the 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse. Kelly has put together a beautiful e-book with lots of information. She is always supportive and uplifting. It was easy to customize the cleanse, experience new foods, and enjoy a rainbow of colors on my plate!

- Kathleen

A Look Inside!

Each day you will be given four ways to celebrate the color of the day, a daily promise to ponder, three low-carb detox recipes (breakfast, lunch, & dinner), a journaling page, and a bonus snack recipe! Here is an example of Day 1: Celebrate Red!

Practical, Simple, Fun, & Life-Changing!

The rainbow cleanse has been the best guide for me to follow and live out of any material I have read. Kelly has done an excellent job of research and years of living a healthy lifestyle as an example for all of us. Her Rainbow Cleanse is practical, simple, fun, and life-changing.

- Connie


A Rainbow of Opportunity

If you are ready to be shown the exact process… I can help!

But wait, there’s more!

5 Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1

How to make the creamiest nut milk for the perfect smoothie!

Bonus #2

Seven low-carb, guilt-free healthy-for-you bonus snacks.

Bonus #3

Discover your body cycle in three simple steps

Bonus #4

Miracles take place in your body the first 72 hrs of intermittent fasting!

Bonus #5

Low-carb rainbow foods, including net-carb counts prepared for you!

Are you ready to join other women and begin your 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse that transforms you from the inside out?

Join now to get instant access to begin planning

and preparing!

You are just one click away!

7 Days, 7 Colors, 7 Promises & 21 Low Carb Recipes!

A Holistic Cleanse challenging women to take back their health by nourishing their body, refreshing their soul, and awakening their spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for this cleanse?

All you need is an open heart, a willingness to try new things, and a blender!

How do I access my videos & workbook?

You will receive a link for the course platform, which is password-protected.

Note: This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.

What Do I do First?

Take a deep breath and relax, as I will lead you each step of the way. Begin by watching my Welcome video!

What type of blender do you recommend?

Using a high-powered blender is best, but for the time being, use what you have. I have a Vitamix, and it's worth every single penny!

Can I drink my coffee on this cleanse?

When stimulants are removed from your daily routine for a season, your true state of health is revealed. So I highly recommend you omit coffee during the seven days for an optimal cleanse. But you are free to choose and go at your own pace. It's your cleanse!

I have never cleansed before, and I'm a bit afraid!

You are not alone! What helps me face my fears is to ask myself these two questions.

1. What's the worst that could happen?

2. What is the best that could happen?

There you see, you are going to be just fine!

Hope to See You On the Inside!

I can't wait for you to explore how your body was created to cleanse from a holistic approach in this fun and creative 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse! It will be the most unique cleanse you will ever experience, and I'm excited to be guiding you step by step!

Each colorful day is designed to have a powerful effect on you in ways you least expect, and you will quickly discover that your health journey will be more than just clean eating and losing weight.

May your 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse be a vibrant reminder of God's faithfulness in your life, and may all your senses be engaged on all levels as you step into His world of living color; spirit, soul, & body!

The materials from Daily Detox with Kelly, a part of Freedom Quest International, are for educational purposes and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat illness in any way. We believe it is valuable to seek the advice of qualified alternative healthcare professionals before making any life changes.

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