Give yourself the best gift of all,

a healthier you!

  • Get a better understanding
  • of how your body was created to heal holistically and identify what hinders this process.
  • Discover the miracles
  • that take place each hour inside your body during intermittent fasting.
  • You will experience
  • what it means to cleanse physically as you cooperate with your body cycle; digestion, absorption, & elimination.
  • Learn what foods
  • lower your blood sugar level and what foods spike it as you shift from sugar-burning to fat burning.
  • Your whole being
  • will come alive when you begin wearing, blending, smelling and tasting God’s world or color!
  • Losing weight
  • is a bonus as you become more aware of what it means to heal from the inside out; spirit, soul, & body.

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Rainbow Cleanse

A Holistic Cleanse challenging women to take back their health by nourishing their body, refreshing their soul,

and awakening their spirit!

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