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As an author, speaker, Doctor of Naturopathy & Natural Health Consultant, Kelly inspires, educates and empowers women to move towards freedom and a wholeness they never dreamed possible!

From a Biblical approach and creative teaching style,

Kelly uniquely releases the Father’s heart. Whether it's a weekend conference or a one-on-one, each session is intentionally designed to impart a powerful message of freedom–-spirit, soul, and body.

Kelly and her husband Bob have traveled to over 18 countries and lived in Southeast

Asia as missionaries for 15 years. They are the founders of Freedom Quest

International (FQI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. FQI imparts a life-giving message

worldwide as they team-teach “The Heart of the Father," “Marriage and Family” and

“Health and Nutrition”. Together Bob and Kelly reside in Sarasota, Florida and are the

parents of 5 children, 7 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.



Kelly's Teaching Descriptions

Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon

You will encounter a fresh approach to love, marriage, sexual intimacy and food as

you also learn to create healthy desserts from the pages of Song of Solomon! Delight

in the sweetness and be captivated and awakened body, soul and spirit as Kelly

introduces you to the Heart that beats with passion behind the scenes of the greatest

love story ever told – Song of Solomon!

Expect the Unexpected Weekend

An experience-filled weekend for women, where the Father’s presence is imparted

through teaching, worship and prophetic prayer. As we receive healing we release

healing: to our families, cities and ultimately the nations. Come join us for a

unforgettable life-changing women's weekend. No two weekends have ever been


Living Health Seminar

Based on biblical principles, Kelly covers topics such as: a holistic approach to fasting,

cleansing, detoxification, juicing and healthy recipes are presented with each teaching

session. You will laugh and cry simultaneously as Kelly teaches with an anointed

prophetic flow. Come and begin to experience life-change when you choose to step

into a journey towards Living Health – God’s way.

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© 2022, Kelly Parr

© 2022, Kelly Parr